Monday, March 7, 2011

PTC Pennies + TE + Ctrl + Tab = Dollars

The real secret to success is to have a workable plan and to follow it faithfully. The following is my plan and you are more than welcome to adapt it to your own circumstances.

For starters, I have discovered the potential inherent in the Paid-To-Click (PTC) programs. Although these programs only pay a penny a click (some even less), you can leverage your pennies into dollars.

For example, if you click 4 ads a day you will end up with a whole $1.20 after 30 days. So what? How about if you have 20 of these programs and you work each one daily. That adds up to $24.00 for the 30 days. It’s a start…

These PTCs almost all have a minimum of $2 for pay out, so I’ll have to go 50 days to reach that level, at which time I’ll have $40 that I can pool and use to start renting referrals!

Renting referrals? What’s that, you ask…for a small sum, I can rent referrals and as they start clicking and earning pennies for themselves, they will also be earning me some pennies. Again, most PTCs pay one-half cent for each click by a referral. (some pay less)

So say it cost me $5.00 to rent 20 referrals and they each click their 4-a-day, that means that they will be adding 40 cents a day to my account. (20x4x0.5=40)

My $40 pool can be used to increase my daily earnings by a factor of 10 on 8 different programs. My 4 cents a day plus my referrals 40 cents adds up to $13.20 every 30 days.

So now I’m looking at $105.60 every 30 days for those 8 sites and another $14.40 from the 12 sites that don’t have any referrals, yet.

Of course, I plan on re-investing my earnings for about 6 months into renting referrals as well as recruiting direct referrals. As soon as my earnings allow me to, I also plan on upgrading, which pays even more.

Now for the neat part…the easy way to both advertise my programs and get my clicks with a minimum of time and effort.
By setting up ads in several different Traffic Exchanges (TEs) and utilizing the Ctrl + Tab feature of the FireFox browser, I can open up my TEs and one PTC program in several different tabs. Just by holding the Ctrl key down and hitting the Tab key, I can go from one tab to the next, click on the timers for the TEs and open an ad in the PTC.

While the PTC ad is loading for the 30 second timer, I continue tabbing thru and clicking on the TEs that I have open.

Once I have clicked my 4 ads in the PTC program, I close that one and open another and continue the sequence.

The PTC programs only allow you to click on the ads once every 24 hours, so I set a time in the morning and in the evening to follow my routine.

By following this routine, I am not only earning my daily pennies, I am advertising for my PTC programs to leverage the referrals aspect of the PTCs.

For a list of the PTC programs I am working and recommending, follow this link:

Turning YOUR Pennies Into Dollars

For a list of the Traffic Exchange programs I am working and recommending, follow this link to Traffic Hoopla


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