Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comparison Pricing on TE Credits

One of my downline members in the GDI Coop asked me today if I knew of any good places to buy advertising.

Well, you and I both know that there are a lot of them out there, right?

So I decided to do some comparison shopping for the best buys in the top traffic exchanges.

I took a look at the top 5 programs in both Traffic Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel and I found 3 programs that were in the top 5 for both programs.

Hits Booster Pro, Hit2Hit and Traffic Splash all made the top 5.

Now, these figures are only for the number of site hits you can get with a one-time purchase.
Hit2Hit charges $10 for 1000 hits or 1 cent per hit.
Hits Booster Pro charges $7.95 for 1000 hits or 0.8 cents per hit.
Traffic Splash charges $7.99 per 1000 hits or 0.8 cents per hit.

Now, if you look at the lowest level for each program’s monthly subscription, you get the following:

Hit2Hit charges $5.95 for 250 hits or 2.4 cents per hit.
Hits Booster Pro charges $3.95 for 600 hits or 0.7 cents per hit.
Traffic Splash charges $4.97 per 200 hits or 2.5 cents per hit.

Keep in mind that with the monthly subscriptions you are also going to be getting other benefits: banner credit, text credits, higher commissions, better surfing exchange rates and so on.

You need to take a close look at the various upgrade options yourself.

I cannot, at this time, tell you which TE is better at delivering the hits, but since they are all in 2 different ‘Top 5s”, you can probably make a reasonable assumption that they do a pretty good job, or the users wouldn’t vote for them.

If nothing else, these figures should give you something to measure against when you get one of One-time offers as you join a site.

If you would like a copy of my full analysis of the top 10 in each program, drop me a note and ask for the cost comparison spreadsheet.

To Your Success,
Knight C Duerig
PO Box 403
King Hill, ID 83633