Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to earn money with VynBux

1. Join VynBux here.
2. Log into VynBux.
3. Click on ”Surf Ads” on the left side of the toolbar.
4. Be selective in the ads you watch. As you scroll down the page, you will see the length of the ad and how much it pays. Select a 30 second ad by clicking on the title and then click on the blue shape that shows in the box.
5. This will open the ad in a new tab. After 30 seconds, you will be asked to verify by entering a code in the box on the top bar and clicking on the credit button.
6. After the white bar comes up verifying you have been credited, close the tab, which will return you to the advertising page.
7. Select another ad to watch.
8. Once you have watched your 4 ads for the day, return to your account (right side of toolbar).
9. You can now see your account balance under Funds.
10. To earn even more money, you can rent referrals for as little as 3 referrals for 78 cents (26 cents each).
11. To rent referrals, you must first add some funds to your rental balance by clicking on the Add button to the right of your rental balance. You can use AlertPay or PayPal or transfer from your main balance. The minimum you can add is $3.75.
12. After you have completed your fund transfer, click on “Rent Referrals”.
13. Now select the rental package of your choice and click on the shopping basket.
14. Now click on “Rented Referrals” on the left side of the page.
15. You can now see all of your referrals and follow their progress: number of clicks, amount of earnings, last day clicked.
16. If you find one that is not performing to your satisfaction, (I give them at least a week of no activity before trading them in.) you can recycle him or her for a new referral for 6 cents. Just click on the green arrows to the right side of that referral.
17. Now you can click on “Referral Tools” on the left side of the page and grab your affiliate URL and Banner Codes to start advertising for direct referrals.
18. To learn how I advertise to turn my pennies into dollars, go to this blog: Turning Pennies Into Dollars.

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