Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kooday is So Simple, Even I can Do It!

I am now in a position to buy and sell keywords and keyword

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There is a minimum number of Profit-Share-Credits needed in order
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Another way to make money is when someone links one of your
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Now, what about referrals? You will receive a commision for every
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When you consider this was put together by two people who were
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Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Easily Maximize All of Your Traffic Exchanges

How To Easily Maximize All of Your Traffic Exchanges
Copyright © Knight C Duerig

In researching this article, I found one site that lists over 900
traffic exchanges, which begs the question; how do you manage all
of those traffic exchanges? I won’t pretend to be able to answer
that question but I will show you how I manage my 35-40 of the
best manual traffic exchanges.

I don’t know what percentage of those 900 are autosurf traffic
exchanges and which one’s are manual traffic exchanges. The one’s
that I use are all considered the best manual traffic exchanges.
My strategy is to surf 5-6 traffic exchange programs every day. I
have two methods to keep track of which one’s are due and which
one’s aren’t.

The first method I recommend is to set up 7 different folders in
your favorites file. One folder for each day of the week. I then
bookmark the traffic exchanges for each day of the week in the
appropriate folder.

I use Firefox as my browser and it allows me to open all of the
bookmarks in a folder with one click. So first thing in the
morning, I open the traffic exchanges for that day and then check
to make sure they have the right websites listed and that any
credits are assigned where I want them. Then it is time to start

Another feature of Firefox is that I can tab between my different
sites by simply holding down the control key and hitting the tab
key. This allows me to surf 5 or 6 traffic exchanges with very
little time spent waiting for a site to load or the timer to
count down. This makes my time much more efficient.

I will surf the same sites all day long, as my time permits.
Sometimes I can only surf in the morning and the evenings and
other days I get much more time on the computer.

My second method of tracking the top traffic exchanges is to use
a spreadsheet. I set it up so that I have a worksheet for each
day of the week, which corresponds to the files in my bookmarks.
I set up columns for each of the following: the date I joined an
exchange, the name of the traffic exchange, the link to my login
page, the link for referrals, my username/member number, my email
and you can list your passwords here too.

Having a separate row for each exchange, I can also list the
sites that I am advertising and any other comments that I feel
are needed.

Using these methods, you can surf any given traffic exchange at
least once a week and you won’t have to worry about it becoming

The frequency at which you surf any particular program
is strictly up to you. Any where from the same 5-6 sites every
day to 5-6 different sites each day.

About the Author:
If you would like to learn more about marketing on the internet
using the same free programs that I use, such as traffic
exchanges, safelists, article marketing, ezine advertising, blogging and much, much more, just drop me a note at
kcduerig@kcduerig.com. Rest assured, all of the training is
free and it is very comprehensive.

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