Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ad Tracking for November 20, 2011

I’ve been tracking my ads in Instant Splash for a couple of weeks now. I have 22 capture pages that I’m tracking right now. I run ads on Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, some paid ads, etc., and they all lead to the same capture page.

I created all of my capture pages in the Instant Splash program, which pays a 50% commission to upgraded members ($9.99/mo)

The first time I ran the numbers I had 8 folks fill out the form to continue to my PTC Income Splash page, which puts them on my Easy PTC mailing list at Traffic Wave. This is a 0.14% click thru rate on a total of 5, 876 exposures. Of those 8 only one joined the mailing list (a 12.5% sign-up rate).

This week, I had a total of 11,378 exposures with 28 folks filling out my capture form. A click thru rate of 0.25%. Of those 28, 15 signed up for the mailing list! An awesome 53.57%% conversion rate!

Those 28 folks who took the first step on the ladder to financial independence came through just 8 of the 22 capture pages I’m pushing.

1 came from my own personal list, which includes those folks on my Traffic Wave list as well as those folks who only take the first step, or have joined me in other endeavors.

4 came from my ad with Rent-A-List and 3 of those took the second step and are now on my Traffic Wave list.

3 came from a PTC ad with EarnEasyCash and 6 came from my mailings to several safelists. 4 of those 6 also took the second step.

1 came from a text ad with Ricochet Riches and 2 more came from solo mailings to Text Ad Exchanges.

Another ad with Rent-A-List brought in 2 more and they both took the second step.

And finally, 9 came from an ad with Planet Traffic, with 4 of them joining my Easy PTC mailing list.

I’ve spent $32 on ads this week, which have brought me 12 new members to my mailing list. On average, each member on a mailing list is worth $1 a month, so those 12 new folks will generate about $144 for me over the next year. Not a bad ROI for 1 week.

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